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Obstetrics Surgery in Thailand

Memphis Tours offers women affordable costs of Obstetrics Surgeries in Thailand that has two majors which are Cesarean Section and Normal Labour which are done in the best hospitals in Thailand. Send your inquire to get more info!
  • Blood chemistry investigation (ie, complete blood count), excluding blood transfusion, as pre-surgical workup for the mother.
  • Labor, delivery and recovery room charges, medical devices, supplies and drugs prescribed for the delivery, obstetrician and ovstetrician assistant's fees (for caesarean section), pediatrician's fee, and anesthesiologist's fee (for caesarean section/spinal block)
  • Room charge for neonatal unit, newborn hearing screening test, fetal echocardiography, neonatal vaccination program (specific items), and fee for nursing care team.
  • Hospital in-patient services: standard room and board only, medical and nursing fees, other medical facilities and devices, medical supplies and drigs prescribed by doctors as per the procedure.
  • Extra charges apply in cases of room or time changes requested by the patient.
  • Fit to Fly assessment
  • Costs incurred before and after the valid period of the plan.
  • Specialist's consultaion fee (if any).
  • Extra medical expenses necessary for the patient's specific pre-existing conditions and other costs related to non-covered surgical treatment, eg, medical supplies and consumables, laboratory and tests, radiological diagnostics, etc.  are the patient's responsibility after the promotional discount (if any).
  • In-patient accommodation charges beyond standard coverage, eg, patients requiring a stay in the intensive or intermediate care unit, or room and board for an extended stay that is requested by the patient for personal reasons, will be charged directly to the patient after the promotional discount (if any).
  • Home medications and vaccines.
  • Medical supplies, devices and medications not related to the labor and surgical delivery.
  • Cases of twins or other abnormal pregnacies.
  • Costs of newborns requiring hospitalization in the neonatal intensive care unit will be charged directly to the patient after the promotional discount (if any).
  • Anesthesiologist's fee for natural delivery requiring optional anesthesia.
  • Time-elected delivery (between 10:00 pm and 5:59 am) requested by the mother.
Memphis Tours offers women affordable costs of Obstetrics Surgeries in Thailand that has two majors which are Cesarean Section and Normal Labour which are done in the best hospitals in Thailand. Send your inquire to get more info!
LOS nights
1 Normal Labour 2 1,833 66,000
2 C/S 3 2,597 93,500
3 C/S with TL 3 2,722 98,000
4 C/S with Appendectomy 3 2,806 101,000
5 C/S with TL and Appendectomy 3 2,931 105,500
6 Normal Labour To C/S 3 2,681 96,500
7 Normal Labour To C/S with TL 3 2,819 101,500
8 Normal Labour To C/S with Appendectomy 3 2,903 104,500
9 Normal Labour To C/S with appendectomy and TL 3 3,028 109,000
10 Tubal Ligation Post Delivery 0 750 27,000
11 C/S Twins 3 3,528 127,000
12 C/S Twins with TL 3 3,861 139,000
13 C/S Twins with Appendectomy 3 3,958 142,500
14 C/S Twins with TL and Appendectomy 3 4,083 147,000

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