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Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism
The benefits & advantages of the medical tourism:
Nowadays, the individuals who think the benefits of the medical tourism are increasing , in USA & all over the nourth world became known that the medical tourism save the lowest cost of the medical treatment without concession of the good quality.
This article show the special advantages & benefits of the medical tourism & the reasons of travelling abroad for it.
Hint about the Medical Tourism: 
Ingeneral, the medical tourism is travelling abroad for having the medical treatment , cosmetic , or dental in other countries. From other side the medical treatment is known as a recovery tourism , Medical travelling , an international health medicare.
In the last 5 years , A lot of specific travel agencies of medical tourism provided many offers to people who want have the medical treatment abroad. 

The number of people who want to have the medical treatment abroad instead of the treatment inside  their countries is increasing because: 
Some medical services not available in their countries where they live.
Their health insurance doesn’t recover the total cost of medical procedres.
The benefits of Medical Tourism: 
1-Why do people travel abroad for treatment?
The medical treatment abroad related to many factors:
The higher costs of health care in the developed contries.
The travel doesn’t represent any problem , and it prices become more appropriate.
Improve a worldwide care standards and rapid technical progress in all over the world.
The cause of progress in the means of communication at ease to find and communicate with the medical centers the world.
There is another factors must be taken into consideration which is health insurance.
People who don’t have health insurance or their health insurance is limited , they are the most people searching for other choices such as: medical tourism.
The higher prices of health care services , the lower treatment and operations which are recovered through health insurance.
2-Affordability & Effectiveness versus cost:
The low cost of medical operations is the first reason of peoples’ direction to travel abroad for medical treatment , you can save between 30% & 80% of USA’s cost.
Due to the low prices of medical procedures and surgeries abroad , some people consider that tourism be a therapeutic way of the monument and fraud , the main reason for the decline in prices of medical treatment abroad for the low cost of labor in the most famous destinations for medical tourism.
Despite the low cost of treatment , but it most often the experts do surgeries , using the modern technical.
The lower costs of malpractices , insurance ,& management also contribute at low prices in medical procedures abroad.
3-The health care with high quality:
Some sergeons and doctors who provide care service for foreign patients are accredited and trained from western countries.
Many medical centers around the world also got on the adoption of known international organizations such as: JCI , JCAHO , ISO to express their commitment to excellent.
Some institutes and health centers are members in National Institutes of health (NIH), They are federal organization  provide the financial & administrative support for the reseachers in the medicine and health field.
4-Emergency Services:
Other advantages of medical tourism , instant access of health care services, Medical Tourism provide the opportunity for those coming from countries with health care systems , to be on the priority list.
Is not always an option victory , when dealing with health problems.
5-Best communicate & travel services:
You can identify most medical procedures dates abroad through the internet or by phone.
The patient has the flexibility to book flights & determine the date of surgeries through homes , which will save them from the trouble of going to the hospital or clinic to conduct assessments and evaluations.
The person leaves his home only in week or day of medical or surgical procedures.
6-Travel Opportunities: 
Although the medical tourism aims to get the medical treatment , but it has another extra advantage , which is the opportunity to travel to other country.
Especially  those who travel for dental care , cosmetic surgery , or health care, Interesting to travel by sea to get to health care with low costs.
The concept of Medical Tourism is attractive for everyone interested to health care in high quality & feasible cost.
The medical tourism enjoys high popularity , So the number of  people who travel to have the medical abroad annually. 

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